Charles de Gaulle to Newport Bay Club Hotel

How To Get from Charles de Gaulle to Newport Bay Club Hotel

Wants to know how to travel from Charles de Gaulle to Newport Bay Club Hotel? Designed by Robert Stern and located on the Disneyland Paris site, the Newport Bay Club is a 19th century nautical themed hotel which is set to resemble the town of Newport, New England.

Opened in 1992 at the same time as Disneyland Paris opened, the hotel is very popular with families visiting the world famous resort.

The hotel is situated on one length of Lake Disney and provides an array of fantastic facilities such as outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tea and coffee making equipment, shuttle service to the park, sauna and fitness club.

Guests can also dine in the buffet restaurant and take a refreshing drink in the chill out bar. The hotel is perfect for relaxing after a hard day.

Of course, getting to the hotel is the first hard part to overcome. Many guests staying at the Newport Bay Club travel by air and arrive in Paris at the huge Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport.

Unlike the relaxation found at your final destination, Charles de Gaulle is one of the world’s busiest airports. Over 90 million passengers pass through the airport every year, making it the second busiest airport in Europe.

As well as being very busy, the airport is spread over quite a large site with 2 different terminals, one of which (terminal 2) is split into several sub-terminals and is connected by corridors and concourses.

Making suitable arrangements for your onward travel to Marne-la-Vallée and the Newport Bay Club Hotel is strongly advised. The use of a private taxi is strongly recommended from Charles de Gaulle airport to Newport Bay Club Hotel. There are of course the option of the train and the bus too!

Private Taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Newport Bay Club Hotel

The prospect of public transport with excited children headed towards Disneyland Paris is not a particularly pleasant one, a private taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Newport Bay Club Hotel is by far the best option for the journey. T2 Transfer is an excellent choice, they provide free child seats so you know your children are safe on the move.

They also make your journey through CDG incredibly easy, instead of having to navigate the airport the T2 Transfer driver will meet you at the arrivals gate and clearly identify themselves with a placard stating your name.

Your driver will be able to converse in English or French should you have any queries. They will take you straight to your very own private taxi, which will be a brand new luxury car.

Your luggage will be safely in the trunk and you can relax for your 43km journey towards Mickey Mouse and his friends, your friendly driver will also happily point out areas of interest on the journey.

For extra convenience, you are able to pay for your journey in Euros, Dollars or GBP. If you have any queries, T2 Transfer customer service is open 24/7. Prices can be found below:

  • 1-3 passengers – € 60
  • 4 passengers – € 65
  • 5 passengers – € 70
  • 6 passengers – € 75
  • 7 passengers – € 80
  • 8 passengers – € 85

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Free Baby Seats/Booster Seats! Luggage Free of charge! Price includes Tax charges!

Transfers from CDG Airport to Newport Bay Club Hotel By Train

It is possible to catch the train to Marne-la-Vallee and catch a short shuttle bus to the Newport Bay Hotel. To do this you must catch the RER B line from the very busy CDG RER station located underneath Terminal 2. A connection to the RER A line must be made at Chatelet Les Halles on a train towards Marne-La Vallee, you must ensure you catch the right train as they go to other destinations.

RER trains from Charles de Gaulle run between 0500-0000 and depart every 15-20 minutes. Ticket options vary dependent on your requirements.

  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Cost: Adult single ticket is €10, Child single ticket is €7.

During the hours of 0450 and 2350 it is possible to catch the SNCF direct from Charles de Gaulle Main train station to Marne-la-Vallee, these trains are sporadic through the day and journey times vary greatly from 9 minutes to 49 minutes. From Marne-la-Vallee you would catch the shuttle bus to Newport Bay Club Hotel

  • Duration: Varies
  • Cost: Adult single ticket is €24-41 (dependent on operator), Child single ticket varies with operator.

Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Newport Bay Club Hotel By Bus

The only real option from CDG to Newport Bay Club Hotel on the bus is the Magical Shuttle Bus, all other bus options are overly complicated and not very helpful. For the Magical Shuttle Bus the journey takes approximately 1 hour and the bus departs Terminal 2F at Charles de Gaulle.

The bus runs between 0900 and 2000, pre-booking is strongly encouraged.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost: Adult single ticket is €23, Child single ticket is €10.