Taxi in Paris

How to Book a Taxi in Paris – The Complete Guide

Wondering how to book a taxi in Paris? Paris is a big city that is served by over 18,000 taxis. This, however, does not make it easier to get the services of a taxi.

The business is run by strict organizations and with strict rules from both the companies and the state police department. You can rely on the services of T2 Transfer to get reputable taxi services around Paris.

Hiring a taxi in Paris

You can call to a radio dispatch center to book for a taxi and it will be sent to your location immediately. If you are within the city, then you could just pick a taxi from a taxi stand. There are over five hundred taxi stands around Paris.

This makes it easier to wait for a taxi that is close to your pick up point. Remember that because of the rules of the taxi organization, you cannot be picked in a position that is less than fifty meters from a taxi stand or if you are standing on a bus service lane.

It is also important to note that at times it may be hard to get a taxi in Paris.

Such times include at night (though a company like T2 Transfer operates for 24 hours so you can contact us for Paris taxi booking), during rush hour, lunchtime and on a rainy day.

In such cases, you need to have arranged for your pick up in advance. Also wondering how to call a taxi in Paris? You can do so by calling our company directly at +33 638 681 272. This will save you from being stranded and may be getting to your destination late.

How to pay for a taxi in Paris

Every taxi is fitted with a metering system that will show the charges depending on the distance travelled and maybe even the time waited. Short distances within Paris are not as expensive as long distances outside the city.

It is however important to remember that there is the minimum amount of $6, which is the least that you can pay for a “taxi in Paris”. The preferred mode of payment by most of the drivers is cash.

Many drivers will not accept cash especially for small bills as it will cut into their earnings. It is therefore important to confirm with the driver before hiring to avoid misunderstandings.

Any additional charges

Most of the additional charges are not told to the customer while hiring. They are however a common thing in the Paris taxi service Industry and are acceptable. The additional charges are an additional one dollar per extra luggage.

This may not be charged for the one luggage. Another charge that many people do not know about is on the metering in case you do not pick a taxi from a stand.

When you call up a taxi to come and pick you up, the driver trips the meter immediately they start coming your way to pick you up.


It is not compulsory to tip the driver. They are, however, a common thing in the industry. Tips will be given depending on the quality of the services given.

A tip of about ten percent of the total charge is good. Though tips are not a must, the drivers appreciate them very much.

How To Book A Taxi In Paris Airport

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If you are planning to land in an airport in Paris, you need to make your airport transfer arrangements in time or you can just take a cab.

There are plenty of taxi services available in Charles De Gaulle, Le Bourget and Orly airport but that does not mean that you will always find one.

However, arranging in advance with a company like T2 Transfer for your transfer ensures that you do not waste time looking for cabs at the airport.

Booking a taxi in Paris airport

It is a smart idea to book for a taxi a few minutes before your arrival. It may be difficult to secure a booking a day prior to your arrival.

The best thing would be to make arrangements with your hotel. In most cases, hotels have arrangements with taxi agencies. Your hotel receptionist can arrange for a taxi to pick you up from the airport.

When you hire a taxi to pick you from the airport, the meter will be on from the minute the driver starts driving to the airport.

Depending on where the driver was, the readings may be reading a figure that is higher than the minimum standard charges.

Identification and communication

Most of the drivers in Paris are not English speakers and may barely understand English. This may make it hard for non-French speakers to communicate.

If you do not have a booked taxi to pick you up, then you need to have your address ready and even better, have it written on a piece of paper. You also need to have the nearest Metro stop to help you in locating your destination.

You can then wait at the Airport taxi stand. The waiting lines move faster. The situation may be different for rainy days, in summer and in the evening. Then you may have to wait for a bit longer as waiting lines move a bit slowly.

How much to pay for a taxi from Paris Airports

The fare will depend on several factors. These include the traffic conditions, your destination and the time of the day.

The cost will also depend on the number of people that are traveling with you. Taxis in Paris will allow up to three passengers. In case of a fourth passenger, you may attract an additional fee.

Other companies may not completely allow for more than three passengers. An additional fee will be charged for the luggage. A dollar for every bag after the second one is the standard fee.

Un-authorized taxis

In case you have not booked for a taxi before your plane takes off for Orly, CDG or Le Bourget, never accept a ride from a taxi that has no clear sign of Taxi on it, no matter how much rush you are in.

Also be aware of people who are standing on the terminal and trying to attract your attention to hire their services.

Follow the signs written “Taxi” and they will direct you to a taxi stand. There you will get authorized taxis only. This will reduces the chances of you being ripped off or even being kidnapped.

How To Book A Taxi In Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

The Charles de Gaulle airport processes tens, if not hundreds of millions of travelers every year, seeing as Paris is a very popular vacationing and shopping destination.

The airport offers its customers with a variety of options for use to their various destinations from the airport. They can use the bus or train.

Many people however prefer to use the taxi services for their airport transfers because of their flexibility.

Getting a taxi in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

It is more advantageous to use a taxi than to use a bus. If you intend to use a bus, you have to book three to four days before arrival. This makes the process cumbersome.

For a taxi/airport transfer service, you only need to book a few hours before your arrival. One can do so by getting in touch with their hotels. The hotel can arrange for a taxi for you.

This is better as many taxi agencies do not allow booking many hours before the arrival. For those that have not hired a taxi, it is easier to get a taxi at the airport taxi stand.

There are clear signs at the terminal that will direct you to the taxi stand. Once at the stand, you join the waiting line for a taxi. The waiting lines move faster and there is no cause for alarm.

Most drivers may not understand English. You therefore need to have your address written on a piece of paper to make it easier to get a taxi around the stand.

It is also better to research on the nearest Metro stop to make it easier to locate destinations that are not common.

Sharing a taxi in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

Some companies allow for the sharing of a taxi by up to three passengers. This makes the cost cheap in comparison to a bus. The cost of sharing a taxi reduces the expenses by up to $20.

If you are traveling with friends or family, this makes it more convenient. It is cheaper to hire a taxi around town for three people than book three bus seats.

The comfort of using a CDG taxi

For a person traveling with children or luggage, it will be easier and comfortable to travel in a taxi than in a bus. In a taxi, you need to have luggage in the taxi and you will be driven to your destination.

You may be required to add some money on the fare because of the luggage but this is justifiable, bearing in mind the safety of your luggage. You also cut the hustle of having to carry your luggage around to board a bus or train.

Paying for a taxi in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

The cost of taking a taxi in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris is about $50 to $70 to be taken to a destination around town. The cost may go up depending on the traffic condition and the time of travel.

This can be paid through credit card. In the case where you have booked for a taxi, you need to know that there may be additional charges because of the pick-up and the booking charges.

Tips are not part of the payment and are not compulsory. They are, however, appreciated by most of the drivers. If you did enjoy the taxi ride and the service, then it is only prudent of you to give the driver a tip.

They will really appreciate.

Paris to Charles de Gaulle Taxi Prices:

1-3 passengers – 60 euros

4 passengers – 65 euros

5 passengers – 70 euros

6 passengers – 75 euros

7 passengers – 80 euros

8 passengers – 80 euros

For well-organized and efficient airport transfers in Paris, call T2 Transfer to book a taxi from Charles de Gaulle airport. You will be happy you did.

Checkout this video by KBurchfiel tour around Charles de Gaulle airport.

How To Book A Taxi In Paris Orly Airport

Orly airport is older than Charles De Gaulle and while it came later than Le Bourget, it has done very well, serving many international flights and processing millions of passengers throughout the year.

Like any other first time visitor to Orly, the first thing on your mind will be transfer from the airport to your hotel.

There is no need to be worried about getting a taxi to and from Orly Airport because there are many providers. However, you can specifically use T2 Transfer for Paris taxi booking service and you will not regret it.

Getting a taxi at Orly airport is simple

It is never a big hustle to get a taxi at Orly Airport. You can book a taxi through your hotel before arrival or line up at a taxi stand or the radio dispatch center.

Taxi companies do not allow for booking long hours before arrival. In case you do not book one, you can easily catch a taxi at the airport waiting stand.

You will follow the signposts “Taxi” and they will lead you to a taxi stand. There is a waiting line, but this is not much of a problem as it moves fast.

It would be best to have the name of your hotel or destination written down, that is, if you do not know enough French to get you by. You could also request for an English-speaking driver when ordering a taxi from T2 Transfer.

For booked taxis, you will find a driver waiting for you with a clearly labeled card bearing your name.

Waiting Time

If you have booked a taxi either through your hotel or calling the radio dispatch center, you need to observe time.

Many taxis allow for a twenty minutes wait. This is for you to pick up your luggage and clear your customs. Waiting delays that exceed the allowed time will be charged.

It is therefore wise to delay your arrival information time with at least twenty to forty minutes to allow you to collect your luggage and clear with the customs without hurry and fear of additional charges.

Paying for a taxi in Paris Orly airport

Many of the taxis will accept and prefer payment by cash. Some take credit cards. Credit cards are not popular as they cut into the drivers earning because of the transaction fees.

It is therefore, important to enquire with the taxi driver what mode of payment they prefer before hiring. Most of the booked taxis are already paid in advance via credit cards.

Because of the booking and waiting time delay, the cost of booking a taxi is a bit higher than getting a taxi from the stand. Cost will also vary from the expected depending on the traffic condition and time of the day.

Any additional charges?

Many taxis do not charge for luggage and will have it included in the initial cost in case of a booked taxi. For taxis that you pick from the stand, you may be asked to pay a Euro for each piece of luggage after the first one.

It you call a taxi to come and pick you, you will be required to pay for it from the time the driver starts on the journey to come pick you.

This charge will be on the meter at the time of pick-up. Taxi drivers also appreciate tips, though such are not compulsory.

Paris to Orly Taxi Prices:

1-4 passengers – 60 euros

5 passengers – 65 euros

6 passengers – 70 euros

7 passengers – 75 euros

8 passengers – 80 euros

Checkout this video by hors frontieres tour around Orly airport.

How To Book A Taxi In Paris Beauvais Airport

Beauvais is a small but a very busy airport that is located about 60km plus off Paris. It is thus a bit of a hustle to get to Paris especially if you have luggage, or you are traveling with small children.

However, you can save yourself the big hustle by booking a taxi a few hours before your arrival, with T2 Transfer.

You can then enjoy your ride to the doorstep of your destination, a flexibility that only a taxi can accord you as opposed to other means like buses or the metro.

Getting a taxi in Paris Beauvais airport

To get a taxi, you have to book before your arrival time. It will be hard to get a taxi that is waiting at the airport. You can save yourself much stress by booking a taxi from T2 Transfers.

The drivers are friendly, experienced and professional. You can also call any taxi stand, call radio dispatch center or call directly to a taxi driver.

However, you cannot book a taxi a day or many hours before your arrival. You need to book just some hours before your arrival time. Since this might be hard for many clients, it would be good to call your hotel to arrange a taxi for you.

Paying for a taxi in Paris Beauvais airport

Most of the booked taxis need to be paid for in advance. There are sites where you can book a taxi. You fill in your details in the site and then book for a taxi.

The cost will be calculated the figure will be deducted directly from your credit card. Booked taxis are at times expensive as they factor in a lot of costs.

In case you book through your hotel, the charges may be included in your hotel bill. The driver is thus paid by your hotel.

How to plan your waiting time

This is a major issue with many taxis. Most of the taxis in Beauvais allow a twenty minutes time wait delay. This is to allow you to clear your luggage with the customs.

To avoid any further delays, it is advisable to deliberately “delay” your arrival time and delay it by at least thirty minutes. This will give you ample time to collect your luggage and get ready to move to your hotel.

In any case, it would be much better to clear through customs and wait for your taxi than to have the taxi arrive and wait for you.

With enough time, you reduce the chances of forgetting any of your luggage and you will not have to pay an additional fee for delays.

In some cases it is important to give the taxi company your flight information so that they can track movement and in case of unplanned delays in the flight, they can be able to reschedule for pick-up.


The fares are set to a standard level. The taxi will use this standard for metering. However, it may vary at times depending on the weather, traffic conditions and the time of pick-up.

Sometimes the fares may increase by up to 15% of the normal rates. Some taxis will also charge for the luggage. Some taxis also allow for taxi sharing that will reduce the individual cost.

Tips are not compulsory. Most drivers, however, appreciate them.

Paris to Beauvais Taxi Prices:

1-4 passengers – 110 euros

5 passengers – 115 euros

6 passengers – 120 euros

7 passengers – 125 euros

8 passengers – 130 euros

Finally we hope this guide will help you to find a taxi in Paris easily and to help you to how to order a taxi in Paris.